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The steam generated in Amine Reboiler enters the Stripping Column bottom tray and strips the acid gases from Rich amine.

The acid gases and steam vented from the Stripping Column will enter forced draft aerial cooler (or water cooled) Amine Overhead Vapor condenser where the vapors are cooled.

The condensed water and cooled acid gases enters Amine Reflux Drum where condensed water and acid gases are separated from each other.

The condensed water plus the make up de-mineralized water are sent back by Reflux Booster Pumps to the top of Amine Stripping column. The acid gases are sent to sulfur recovery plant or acid gas flare. The fully regenerated Lean Amine leaves the bottom of Amine Stripping column and is cooled against the Rich Amine in the Amine/Amine Heat Exchanger.

Finally, Main Amine circulation Pumps increase the pressure of the Lean Amine at which point it leaves the Regeneration Skid.
The fully regenerated and pressurized lean Amine enters Lean Amine forced draft aerial cooler (or water cooled) skid. This cooler will cool the Lean Amine prior to entering Amine Contactor.

On entering the Amine Regeneration Skid, the Rich Amine enters the Amine Flash Drum. In order to remove any acid gases flashed with gases in the Flash Drum prior to leaving gas dome on top of Flash Drum, they are washed by small stream of Lean MDEA in this packed gas dome.

The sweetened flashed gases can be used as a fuel or sent to the flash gas incinerator. Liquid hydrocarbons present are collected and routed to the closed drain, and the Rich Amine phase leaves the Flash Drum.

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